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First Who – Then What

January 3, 2021
Leadership Advisory

If these economic challenges reveal nothing else, we are made painfully aware that business survival and success comes down to having committed, capable and adaptable people.

You can take the guess work out of finding the right people with the Player-Coach Leader® approach. 

Addressing the turbulence business is encountering, Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, says, “I see nothing to contradict the principle that who comes first and what comes second, for a very simple reason: 

If you cannot predict the what, you have to be able to do a good job with the who, because the what is going to be constantly shifting” (April 2009 Inc. magazine, p. 82).  

How are you doing with the Who?  

To meet profitability goals in the face of downturn, many leaders find themselves terminating the Who.  

The decision to terminate people, even the low performers, has many unintended consequences.  The most significant consequence, however, is the impact staff reductions will have on your higher performers.  Impact that will range from becoming over-worked and losing heart to seeking better opportunities elsewhere.  

One of my clients recently had one of his top performers leave to take a position in a different organization.  The staff members reasoning went something like this…”I kept taking on more work like you asked…I continued to watch you reduce the size of our team…Your messaging tells me that none of that is enough and the downturn continues.  I’m going to work for an organization that is more certain and allows me a more flexible work schedule.”  

When smart, confident and capable producers become exasperated with how you are managing the downturn, they will take matters into their own hands. You are then at risk of being left with the wrong Who.  

Want to make sure you keep your best talent loyal, engaged and motivated to help you succeed in this economy? 

First, check out the Player-Coach Leader® solution to Who issues.

Second, read what I’ve prepared for you explaining how becoming a Player-Coach will produce the high level of team performance you need NOW!

Third, register for the Coaching the Good to Be Great Seminar scheduled for June 11th in Minneapolis, Or…

Fourth, schedule a private seminar for your leadership/managment team.

If you’re still unsure, listen to my 50-minute conference call online or download and listen later.

I am asking you to find out if the Player-Coach Leader® concept is right for you, because I want you to thrive during these crazy times.  This is a great opportunity for you to develop your people skills and leadership capacity.  Your future, and the future of your company depend on it.  

What actions are you taking to keep your best talent committed to your organization?  Share your thoughts before you go.

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