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Lead To Expectations

January 25, 2021
Leadership Advisory

Few things are less tolerable to high achievers than a “do-nothing” leader.

If you hold the leadership position, have the power to lead, and have earned the people’s permission to lead, but fail to lead…that is a recipe for disaster.

A few years ago, the new President assumed his leadership role in the firm with great promise and vision.  He did a masterful job of rallying together a fragmented partner group and painting a vision of what was possible. Unfortunately, he had one fatal flaw.  He failed to execute. He did not empower his team to act, and subsequently, could not stay the course.  His team became frustrated from lack of support and being second-guessed. The president did not lead.  He did not stand with conviction when representing the group with the parent organization.  They lost hope.  In less than 18 months the firm had a new leadership team.

Lead to their expectations and they will exceed your expectations.

Observing Staff Potential

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