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Uncomfortable Conversations

January 20, 2021
Leadership Advisory

Seth Godin asks, “Who is making you uncomfortable?” and warns that insulating ourselves from uncomfortable conversations benefit no one.

Avoiding the uncomfortable encounters with colleagues and staff means we forfeit the power of self-awareness and insight…the stuff that sparks growth and breakthrough.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the giving  or receiving end of the difficult conversation, growth is possible for all involved.

The issue of course is what we do with this new information and knowledge. Those who are highly resilient have trouble absorbing the lessons and move on to quickly. The sensitive are at risk of getting angry or falling into despair.  But those who are committed to being their best let the message in.  They absorb the full impact, no matter how painful, and come out stronger, wiser and more effective.

Get the feedback.  Let it make you better.

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