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Sustain the vision

January 3, 2021
Leadership Advisory

“Quit or be exceptional” Seth Godin

Leading change in a large organization takes a lot of energy.  Sustained energy.  Especially when weariness sets in, the task becomes daunting and people fight for things to stay the same.

Is your vision big enough and compelling enough to capture imagination and give people a reason to believe, a reason to persevere and to give their best in the face of chaos and uncertainty?  Does your vision inspire people to be exceptional?

It’s easy to slack off when we encounter resistance and begin to realize that maybe the path to our goal is a little more difficult than we calculated.  It’s easy to excuse ourselves and justify being average when the cost is more than we planned.  But shrinking back in excuses and mediocrity often leads to the harsh reality of becoming irrelevant.

Put your heart into what you’re doing. The Scriptures tell us, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.”  You set the tone for others.  Do not give them an opportunity to be half-hearted in the mission.

Do not forget what you committed to do. Remind yourself and others daily.  Explain the reason and the reward for following through on your original commitment.

Do not allow the leaders around you to be casual about their assignment. Jim Rohn said, “Casual leads to casualty.”  Get people around you who are passionate, who refuse to quit.  Be exceptional and expect others to give their best.

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