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Gaining Commitment At The Operational Level

January 3, 2021
Leadership Advisory

Young professionals are quick to suspect the worst when leadership stumbles on people issues.  Here are five ways to build trust and gain commitment.

1.  Recognize effort and achievement. Recognition means different things to different people.  For some, recognition means public awards and praise; for others its just knowing they’ve gained your approval; and the ultimate recognition, being given the opportunity to achieve.  Ask your professionals how they prefer to be recognized.

2.  Create an environment of growth and personal responsibility. Every human being wants to shape  their own destiny and work on assignments they believe in.  The best recognition is acknowledging this desire in others and helping them tap into it through one on one sincere discussions about what is important to them (do not feel obligated to provide resources you do not have access to).

3.  Look up from your work and make eye contact with the person speaking to you. The highest respect one individual can give to another is the courtesy of listening with the eyes.  This communicates respect and builds trust.

4.  Give credit where it is due and to the person to whom it is due immediately. This is done with a proactive, going out of your way effort…across positional boundaries…. to give a sincere personal, “Thank you for a job well done.”

5.  Share and Tell Success Stories. This can be done in group meetings, casual hallway conversations, by email or by establishing a formal monthly process where you and your team selects someone who did something exceptional in client service, team support or went the extra mile in effort.  Write a brief Success Story about the person, the situation and their accomplishment or outcome achieved.

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