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Call It

January 14, 2021
Leadership Advisory

…as you see it.

Being serious-minded and cautious can be a leadership asset as long as it doesn’t devolve into indecision and paralysis.

I think it’s important for leaders to listen to their gut.  When you find yourself betwixt and between regarding the information you’re getting, trust your intuition.

When things just aren’t adding up, call it as you see it. The odds are in your favor.

Being In Control…

...demands self-control The meeting ran late, the taxi took twice the time estimated to arrive leaving 15 minutes to clear security and board my flight.  To my good fortune, there is no line and the security agent is waiting.  This was going to work and hope of making...

Desperation Diminishes

"Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention." Douglas Horton Many capable professionals disqualify themselves from positions of leadership because they appear desperate.  One of my mentors explained that...

Realistic or just stuck?

Pragmatism is basically considered a virtue in the world of accounting, finance and consulting. But there is a risk of being too realistic and over-relying on how you've always done things. My son, who works for a financial firm, shared his recent experience.  A group...